The Power of Positive Messages

This week in Community Heroes we talked about the power and impact of positive messages. These good vibes can turn someone’s day around, or just remind them to appreciate the good things in life.  The community heroes decorated some posters with their favorite positive messages and spread these posters around campus.  The results were fantastic!

Random Act of Kindness

One of the activities that the community heroes ask to do every year is making tissue paper flowers.  They love making these gorgeous symbols of friendship, joy and kindness. But the best part is what happens after the flowers are made.  The community heroes get to go around campus and deliver these flowers.  As a group we discussed who we should give flowers to. The students came up with a variety of answers ranging from someone who inspires them to someone who looks like they could use some cheer.  It was so wonderful watching these wonderful community heroes bring joy to our school.

Day of Giving

This year’s Day of Giving was a truly special event! We had over 300 kids and parents participating from 14 different schools. It was magical to come together as one and give back.

The project that the Mary E. Silveira Community Heroes spearheaded was a Random Acts of Kindness project.  Our group took on a project of making beautiful tissue paper flowers to distribute to a senior home here in San Rafael as a random act of kindness.

When we were done making over 200 flowers, our group of about 20 people headed over to Alma Via, near the Northgate Mall. When we arrived, there was a lovely gentleman, seated in a wheelchair in the lobby. He was waiting to be picked up by a bus that would take him to church.

Jen, one of the leaders, stopped to ask his name, and he said, “Joe.” She then invited the children to come say hello to Joe and offer him a flower. The kids excitedly obliged! We then asked Joe what he did for his job before he retired. That is when he told us he was the founder of our local United Market! We were all very excited and gave him a huge round of applause. Joe’s bus arrived and he left the building with his many flowers—he was excited to take some of them to a friend at church that was having a birthday that day.

About 45 minutes later, as we were leaving Alma Via, one of the management staff, Emma, approached her and said, “I have to tell you, you made Joe’s day. Do you know he is 103 years old? He was so touched by the kind gesture of the children, that as we helped him on to the bus this morning, he had tears in his eyes. I know it’s a moment he will never forget.”

We are so glad we were able to bring a smile to Joe, and so many others, on this very special 4th Annual Day of Giving!


Happy New Year!

Thank you to the amazing MES families who contributed gifts for our two “adopted” families this holiday season. We were humbled by the generosity of everyone! The folks at Adopt a Family of Marin gave us a beautiful ornament to say thank you. Tell your kids to look for it in Mr. Anderson’s office. We hope everyone had a happy and healthy break. Can’t wait to hear the kids’ ideas for 2017!

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The Whistlestop Story

On Wednesday the Community Heroes club created holiday cards for Whistlestop. Whistlestop provides vital transportation services to aging adults here in Marin County. Our cards will be delivered to participants of the Meals on Wheels program and are sure to spread holiday cheer! The kids also watched the following video to learn more about Whistlestop and the services they provide: